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Toliam Homestead

  Quality artisan products

A small family business, staying strong, together

As with many during the 2020 Pandemic, I found myself isolated at home and in the middle of a career transition. Our only daughter had just finished school, I had effectively retired from a 20 year career, and my husband was finishing his second degree following being a stay-at-home dad for the last 16 years.

As such, I turned to one of my great loves, woodworking, and, together with my family, expanded on my woodworking portfolio to a greater range of serving platters, resin river options, chicken houses and more.  I love to learn new skills and so have further expanded our range into Body & Bath products and our Sense Studio offerings.

I hope you enjoy our products and we welcome any suggestions for other quality products we can add to our expanding artisan product list.

Each item is made personally by hand and any customisation is done expressly at our customers' request.