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Toliam Homestead

  Quality artisan products

Egg Collecting

The chickens, ducks and turkeys each lay their eggs daily.

Join us at 11am to collect chicken and duck eggs, or 5pm to collect chicken and turkey eggs and add them to your dinner or breakfast menu.

Feed Animals

The farm animals are always up for a treat and you'll find a supply of them in your Cabin.  The birds all love some bread or crumbs and the horses adore a carrot or two.  There are even special biscuits available for the dogs (ours or yours).  

Join the Farm Feed Tour at 7.30am to let the chickens and ducks out or 8.00am to feed the horses their breakfast.  Or just say hello to them over the fence at any time.

Poultry Round up

Join the Round Up at 5pm (6pm during Daylight Savings) to get the chickens, turkeys and ducks all  back to bed.  Sometimes they go quietly, sometimes they don't!  But its always a bit of fun making sure they are all in the right homes for the night.

Workshops - prices vary

We have a number of workshops that we run each month.  

Learn to make WoodCraft like a Timber Grazing Platter or a turn your own cheese knife!

Check out our Workshops page and inquire about availability when you book.

Fishing Frenzy

Our large dam "Gooseland Lake" which is home to various wild ducks and our resident geese is also home to our stock of Silver Perch.

We have fishing gear available to use or you can bring your own.  Enjoy some quiet time on the banks and either 'catch and release' or catch your own dinner.  


Explore our 40 acres and see the start of Hoskinstown Creek or maybe even a wombat.  Or the Tallagandra National Park is just down the road for the more adventurous..